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Amazon Announces Migration of 300,000 Databases to DMS as Database Migration Market Heats Up


Lately, database migration has become a top priority for businesses, and cloud providers are rolling out services left and right to establish their dominance in the market. Close at the heels of the recent update to Exadata announced by Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that 300,000 databases have been migrated to AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) as of September 2020.

AWS DMS is the cloud giant’s fully-managed service wherein users can migrate relational databases, non-relational databases, and data warehouses to AWS. DMS is already a popular choice in the data migration category, and the strong numbers posted by Amazon are only a confirmation of the same. As per the cloud giant, the major benefits that attract users to its service are — reduced capital and operational costs, increased IT staff productivity, scalability, and the pay-as-you-go model.

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Samsung Electronics is perhaps the most familiar name among the companies that have recently migrated to AWS. The Seattle-based cloud giant stated that Samsung recently shifted from Oracle to Amazon Aurora, which included migrating its 1.1 billion users across three continents. This migration helped the South Korean electronics maker save around 44 percent on costs, Amazon said. Next comes Dow Jones, the famed financial news entity. Dow Jones migrated its market data platform from its on-premises SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, which helped the company cut around 50 percent of costs.

In the blog post detailing the migration achievements, Dan Neault, the head of AWS DMS, stated, “as significant as the cost savings are, there are even more upsides: AWS bolsters security, improves classic IT “ilities” like availability and scalability, and creates business value by embracing the innovation from AWS databases and analytics services. AWS will continue to invest and innovate to make migrating databases to AWS even more beneficial to our customers.”

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Other major clients listed by Amazon include familiar names such as Expedia, Jack in the Box, Pokemon, and Bristol Meyers, among others. AWS also recently announced Graviton2 instances, which promises 35 percent performance and 52 percent price/performance improvement over the open-source Relational Database Service (RDS) databases. The aforementioned developments and AWS’ resolve to pursue the database migration shows the cloud goliath is squarely targeting the market. With Oracle recently announcing updates for its Exadata service, the competition in the database migration field is surely going to come to a boil. Watch this space for further updates on the topic.     

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