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All You Need To Know About Oracle Database Service


Oracle is a database service from Oracle Corporation that offers a relational database management system. Oracle’s RDMS supports all types of data models and has multiple product editions such as Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition, and Personal Edition, among which the user has to choose the database service based on their need. Compared with other available databases in the market, Oracle products are scalable and stable, with high-performance capabilities.

What is Oracle?

To reduce complexities, Oracle named their database after their company name. This is a multi-model relational database management system, designed primarily for enterprise grid computing and data warehousing. For businesses, it is one of the first options for cost-effective approaches for software and data processing. It supports SQL as a query language to interact with the database. 

Currently, their databases come into five different editions based on the features available.

  •  Standard Edition One: It is the best fitting for single-server or highly branched business applications with very limited features.
  • Standard Edition: It does provide all facilities offered in Standard Edition One. Additionally, it provides greater machine support and Oracle Real Application clustering service.
  • Enterprise Edition: This edition is packed with features such as security, performance, scalability, and availability required for highly critical applications involving the processing of online transactions.
  • Express Edition: It is an entry-level edition that is free to download, install, manage, develop and deploy.
  • Personal Edition: It is similar to Enterprise edition in terms of features except Oracle Real Application Clustering. 

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Features of Oracle

Following features are offered by Oracle’s database to meet the requirements of powerful database management: 

  • Scalability and Performance: Features like Real Application and Portability makes Oracle Database scalable as per the usage. In a multiuser database, it is important to control the data consistency and concurrency, which are contemplated by Oracle. 
  • Availability: Real-time applications demand higher data availability. High performing computing environments are tend to provide data availability all the time. Data is available during the time of planned or unplanned downtimes or failures. 
  • Backup and Recovery: Its layout contains complete recovery features to recover the data from almost all kinds of failures. If any failure happened, the database needs to be able to recover within no time for high availability. Unaffected parts of data are available, whereas the affected ones are getting recovered. 
  • Security: Data security is always the top priority. Oracle offers mechanisms that control data access and usage. Implementing authorization and controlling user action can restrict unauthorized access and allow distinct access to the user. 

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