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What Alibaba Holds in its Cloud Service Portfolio?


Alibaba provides vital technology infrastructure and marketing Skills that help businesses develop their products and services status. This group spans business, cloud computing, digital media, And innovation. For example, AliExpress is its global consumer market, Alipay is there mobile and online payment platform, And Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group. You may have heard of our 11-11 International shopping festival called Singles Day It processed over $ 25 billion in overnight sales last year.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the group’s cloud computing arm. It was established in September 2009, Aliyun developed Cloud computing services. This will provide the infrastructure to support Alibaba’s vision. It makes it easy to do business anywhere. Now, Alibaba is the Cloud’s most scalable cloud computing, and data Management Services is China’s most significant public cloud service provider, and account for the third-largest share of cloud computing, according to Gartner. It offers cost-effective solutions that help businesses meet their networking and information. It provides them with an easy way to integrate with requirements and other Alibaba Products and Services.

Alibaba Cloud has an international network of 18 data centers, Including access to Mainland China. Security and reliability Alibaba is essential to Cloud’s offering, and we will include there Features in-depth later in this Article. Alibaba’s vast online And the mobile business ecosystem – including an incredible amount of transactions that take place on 11-11 every year – are also run and presented by Alibaba Cloud.

Products and Solution

Data Migration

Data migration is an essential challenge for businesses Transferring or migrating data from the physical server to the Cloud or New Cloud Provider or Deployment Area. Alibaba Cloud Data Migration service provides comprehensive services and resources, ensuring a smooth migration. Users can follow its self-guided exercises or outsource migration through Alibaba Cloud

Migration Service or one of their partners. Future resource utilization through the Capacity Assessment Program, and Establish a distributed cloud architecture design High service availability.

Web Hosting

Alibaba Cloud offers flexible, low-cost web hosting, and that’s perfect For SMEs, and supports a range of popular content management platforms like WordPress and Joomla!

Alibaba Cloud will support you at every stage of the building, From finding and selecting a domain name to maintain your website and selecting a configuration suitable for the required webspace, several simultaneous links, and monthly data transfer to your site. You can use their view Control Panel to add and manage domains, analyze files and traffic. Their web hosting is fast and secure based on container technology that benefits from Elastic Compute Service and protected by Alibaba Cloud’s web application firewall with 99.999% data reliability.


The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to have a significant impact on how we live now, and in the future, as more and more of the devices we use become connected. Ensure that your smart technology platforms are stable and cost-efficient with the Internet of Things. This technology allows you to build automated solutions that will gather, process, analyze, and act on data generated by connected devices, with no need to maintain a separate infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud’s IoT suite has high traffic endurance, handling access requests smoothly, equipment certification means that each connected device is certified, and incorporates secured transmission, device rights management, and reliable message service. 


Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Computing Service (ECS) is an online computing service that provides elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to meet all Cloud hosting needs. As your business grows, so will you can expand your disk and increase your bandwidth at any time or to save costs, free up resources whenever you need to. Software with 99.999999999% of data reliability and the latest Intel CPUs is optimized to achieve quick results. 

Function compute is the most popular serverless of Alibaba Cloud, and It offers a complete host environment that eliminates the need to Manage infrastructure such as servers so developers can focus on writing and uploading code. It handles resource management, with automatic scaling and load balancing. Event sources from other Alibaba can also set up to trigger your code to run automatically. Users will only pay for the resources that your code uses to the nearest 100 milliseconds.

Simple Application Server is a server-based service that allows you to build, monitor, and maintain your website in just a few clicks. This makes private service building much easier if you all need is a private virtual machine, and is a great way to get started with Cloud Computing.

Server Load Balancer allows users to manage sudden spikes in traffic, reduce response times and – most importantly – maintain 99.9% availability of web applications. Server Load Balancer monitors the health and usage of servers and automatically distributes requests for optimal performance in different zones ensures high availability.


Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is easy to use service to store, backup and archive large quantities of data. OSS acts as an encrypted central repository,

You can securely access files from around the world. OSS 99.9% guarantees availability and is the perfect fit for global teams and international project management. 

OSS is available at no upfront cost or long-term commitment. Users Pay only for actual storage, network traffic, and number Requests are processed. OSS comes with no limits to data storage.


Express Connect provides convenient and efficient network services and allows different network environments to communicate directly. This means that even when the connected sites are too far away far from each other, users benefit from lower network latency and high bandwidth communication. It works mainly well for multimedia environments, and low latency is critical, as a hybrid environment that requires private connectivity On-premise infrastructure, cloud technology, and third-party cloud service providers.


Alibaba Cloud is committed to the highest compliance, Germany’s C5 standard, PCI DSS for payments, HIPAA, EU GDPR for health care and data protection and privacy. Reliability is a crucial asset to the business – PWC’s Global Consumer Insight Survey has found that trust plays an important role, How consumers evaluate online security risks with more than one of every three people surveyed stating that ‘trust in a brand’ was in the top three reasons that influence their decision to shop at a particular retailer. This means that choosing a secure and reliable cloud provider, to enable transactions and reassure customers is vital for businesses of all sizes.

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-based security service, Anti-DDoS, Integrates with ECS to protect your data and applications DDoS attacks and is freely available to all Alibaba Cloud users free of charge. Alibaba integrates the Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF), a Cloud firewall service that protects against web-based attacks, including SQL injection, XSS, malicious bot, command execution vulnerabilities, and other common web attacks, protecting users’ website data and security and availability of their site.

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