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Accurics Raises $20 Million, Read About Startup’s “Self-Healing” Cloud Native Solution


US-based startup Accurics has just raised $20 million in seed and Series A funding. The company defines itself as a provider of “self-healing” solution for improving the security of cloud-native environments. The funding for the Californian startup was completed in two tranches wherein Intel Capital (Intel’s investment division) led the Series A funding and the seed round of funding was led by ClearSky.

Coming back to the goal of Accurics, it aims to make Infrastructure as Code (IaC) reliable and secure for enterprises. As more and more businesses move toward digitalization and adopt cloud technology, IaC services have witnessed greater adoption. The reason behind this rapid adoption is the automation capabilities offered by IaC helps enterprises realize the true potential of cloud services.

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Since IaC involves writing code for configuring the infrastructure, it takes away the discrepancy aspect from the provisioning/configuration of the businesses’ IT infrastructure, which was erstwhile done manually. Other than the recommended practice of adding the code to source code, the code files can also be easily improved, rewritten, or edited, making the configuration of IT resources easier and quicker. 

However, even the IaC approach comes with a few risks attached. While an enterprise’s best minds create the code for automation, even they might find it difficult to cover all future vulnerabilities in one go. This might lead to exposure of new flaws in the code, making the cloud deployment inefficient at best and creating grave security concerns at worst.

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Accurics claims to handle these issues in a self-healing manner by going one step ahead of just identifying these issues to codifying the response and remediation of these potential flaws. Accurics dubs this as “remediation as code,” wherein its platform automatically detects potential vulnerabilities in a deployment and generates code that can fix the issue. The IT teams working with infrastructure code then only need to review the code before deploying it. While the platform comes with its own preset rules for identifying vulnerabilities, the enterprises can also set their custom rules for the platform.

Here’s what Sachin Aggarwal, CEO and co-founder of Accurics, said about the platform, “we believe that self-healing cloud native infrastructure is the only scalable approach to cyber resilience. As DevOps and cloud native technologies expand their footprint, security teams simply can’t be effective with a reactive posture that relies on specialized security tools or manual workflows.” He further spoke about the startup’s motto and stated, “our mission at Accurics is to enable cyber resilience that eliminates this friction, by codifying self-healing capabilities into the development process.”

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