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Accenture, ServiceNow Partner To Expedite Digital Transformation of Enterprises


Fresh off its pledge of $3 billion investment for Cloud First, consulting goliath Accenture is taking another stride in the enterprise segment. Accenture and cloud automation solutions provider ServiceNow have come together to announce Accenture ServiceNow Business Group. The new venture is aimed at expediting digital-transformation and workflow processes in enterprises.

The two companies have plans to make multi-million dollar investments in the business group over the next five years. ServiceNow stated that despite COVID-19 forcing companies to embrace digital transformation, the progress has not been adequate. The partnership between the two companies is aimed squarely at the niche of speeding up digital transformation for clients.

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Accenture ServiceNow

The initial target of the Accenture ServiceNow Business Group will be accelerating digital transformation in telecom, financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences enterprises. Having cut its teeth in the cloud automation sector, ServiceNow will also prove to be a befitting partner for Accenture in this endeavor.

ServiceNow announced that Accenture’s ecosystem has a workforce of 8,500 people skilled in ServiceNow. This workforce will be pivotal in helping the newly established group combine the deftness in transformational workflow and platform development, marketing, sales, and business development from both organizations.

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Julie Sweet, the CEO at Accenture, spoke about the partnership, stating, “by further strengthening our strategic alliance with ServiceNow, we will enable our clients to more quickly embrace change. With a move to the cloud, they can reimagine their operations, reskill their employees and become more sustainable. Working together with ServiceNow to automate complex processes and create better experiences across industries, we will help organizations deliver greater 360-degree value that benefits all — their customers, people, shareholders, partners, and communities.”

Lara Caimi, the chief customer and partner office at ServiceNow, said, “in this unprecedented environment, enterprises are under pressure to capture value from their technology investments while delivering transformative customer and employee experiences. I’m excited to continue our work with Accenture to help customers across industries, markets, and regions solve once-in-a-generation challenges, navigate unexpected disruptions, and reimagine the future of their businesses.”

The announcement by ServiceNow laid out the nascent group’s plan of bringing innovative solutions in employee engagement, customer service and operations, artificial intelligence for IT operations, and security and risk. Overall, the group aims to deliver expedited digital transformation to enterprises increasingly under pressure induced by the global pandemic. The partnership aims to help enterprises reduce costs, expedite innovation, improve productivity, and maintain customer satisfaction via its solutions.   

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