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“The 6R Strategy” to Successfully Migrate Applications on Cloud


Migration is a transition from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud environment. You can follow certain strategies to easily migrate on the cloud. There are 6 fundamental migration strategies that organizations have at their disposal when migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Migration 6R Migration Strategies

1 – Rehost (“lift and shift”)

When organizations quickly want to migrate to the cloud with very little or no modification, they tend to follow this approach. If you know what you are doing and have a green signal from all your technical executives, your business can scale at a rapid pace.

2 – Re-platform (“lift, tinker and shift”)

This requires a few modifications to achieve minor benefits but not changing anything in core architecture. Few modifications like moving to relational database service if you are unable to manage database instances.

3 – Repurchase

This includes purchasing new products or services to incorporate a few changes in cloud architecture. This migration strategy can be implemented if you are already on the cloud and want to transit significant workloads.

4 – Refactor or Rearchitect

Strong business needs to add new features or scale that can drive this strategy. This strategy is worth pursuing if you want to boost agility and maintain business. But not to forget that this can be the most expensive solution.

5 – Retire:

Identify the resources or IT assets that you don’t require and can be turned off without impacting the migration process, is the main approach to this strategy. This implies that with time you may want to completely dump these assets after figuring out that these don’t have future needs to fulfill.

6 – Retain:

This strategy can be aligned with other strategies also to achieve an optimal solution. If you have clearly identified the required resources and planned out to acquire those ones by one, you need to at least look out what you already have. You can retain your IT assets. The retention of assets obviously saves your money, is also helpful if you are not ready to migrate all your applications and data.

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