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10 Things You Should Take If You Are Attending re:Invent 2018


It’s that time of the year! The time when you gear up, pack your bags and accelerate towards the biggest cloud event of the year – AWS re:Invent 2018 yet.

This will be a grand platform for you to represent your company or product in front of everyone who would potentially care for it.

However, it is important to plan things through as these tech-conventions can be exhaustive in their own right.

How to Plan?

The first thing that is extremely necessary and should be done right off the bat is figuring out the schedule for the event and then plan what you want to aim for, what you should not miss and who you want to meet. Prioritizing is always beneficial. Do your research on the speakers and the subjects they’re going to cover, ahead of time.

Prepare Yourself for AWS re:Invent 2018

1. Don’t keep your expectations too high

Grounding your expectations when attending a tech convention plays a vital role. It takes a little bit of planning to know before you go and differentiate what is feasible and what is not. You cannot expect to find an investor right away, but you can surely plan to make new contacts who might turn into potential investors in the future.

2. Take Notes

Taking notes on what the speakers have delivered or the people you meet along the way is a great way to be specific and organized in your follow-up. You can go either way – pull up a notepad app on your phone or go back to the traditional pen and a diary.

3. Prepare your Questions

Preparing your questions ahead of time ensures that you have all the required information that is necessary. Also, being prepared ahead of time portrays smartness and allows you to know a person better while leaving a good impression on him.

4. Be Focused

Being in a tech-conference like AWS re:Invent, your main focus should be on making solid connections, however few they might be. You would simply do nothing but waste your time if you try and meet many-many people but not establish a solid network with them.

5. Don’t shy away

Joining a conversation might be difficult sometimes but sometimes it is the best way to engage in a good conversation. However, interrupting someone is probably not the

best way. A natural break in the middle of an ongoing conversation is the best entry point for some other person to slide in. People will often enjoy it as it lets them meet someone new.

This also includes exiting yourself off a conversation that might not be worth your while.

What to Pack?

Remember, Minimal is always better!

We tend to pack all sorts of things that we don’t even need and regret it afterward. So, here’s a list of things that might come handy during your stay.

1. Cell phone

One of the most obvious accessories that will help you is your cell phone. An iPhone or a latest version Android phone is preferred.

2. Power Bank

A power bank might just be the best thing you ever bought. While you’re busy draining battery off your phone and laptop all day, it might become difficult to find charging points here and there. A power bank comes in real handy when you need to sneak some battery to your device without interrupting your work.

3. Handy mobile device

A handy mobile device might be a helping hand in organizing your stuff. First off, it gives you extra battery support. Also, taking notes on a tablet is way easier than taking notes on your phone.

4. Tethering Device

It is not always possible to find wi-fi everywhere you go. Therefore, a tethering device can make things easier for you in that situation. A Hotspot tethering might also be available on your phone if it is comparatively new.

5. Digital Camera

During your trip, a digital camera with good low-light performance will capture all the wonderful moments. A smartphone camera might not prove to be as competent as a digital camera.

6. Light-weight laptop

It becomes really tiring of a job to carry around a laptop that is heavy. A notebook or MacBook is perfect for that matter.

7. Stationery

Digital devices might not always work the way you want them and so, keeping a notepad and some pens might come in handy for taking notes from the learning sessions.

8. Snacks on the go

You might never know when you’re going to eat next, and hence, keeping a few energy bars ready with you will keep you going and will give you a quick boost to survive this year’s AWS re:Invent, every now and then.

9. Cash

The most important thing that you would probably be needed to function is Cash. Nowadays, most places accept cards, but it would only keep you on the safer side if you carry some cash with you.

10. A Bag

All of the above things should be fixed inside a bag, preferably a small messenger bag, so that you don’t have to deal with so many things at a time.

Networking; An important factor to survive AWS re:Invent 2018

Tech-conventions are a stage for extensive networking, partnerships and meeting potential customers or investors. It is suggested that you take notes on how you met a person and what their interests are. Business cards are a faster way of exchanging contact information.

Your pitch also plays a crucial role in how you portray yourself in front of others. So, keep your pitch ready always and modify it according to the time and temperament of the person listening to you.

It is also important to contact the people you met along the way every now and then and take a follow-up.

See you at re:Invent!

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